Michelle & Matilda’s Breakfast Stop

Michelle & Matilda's Breakfast Stop

Michelle Williams and her 3-year-old daughter Matilda Rose walk hand-in-hand, as they head back to their Brooklyn home this morning after having coffee at a local cafe.

Matilda skipped happily along munching on her bread, while Michelle casually sipped her coffee.

Earlier today, Michelle received a nomination at the Independent Spirit Awards for Best Female Lead in Wendy and Lucy.

Photos: INFdaily.com

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  1. Pencils

    I love Matilda’s coat! The hat, not so much, but it’s definitely practical.

  2. nina

    AW she is so adorable and is getting SO big! Can you imagine how stunned Heath would be seeing that if he was with us today?? R.IP Heath!!!

  3. Anonymous

    She’s starting to look a little like Michelle now.

  4. gia

    they look so sweet & adorable…that movie “wendy and lucy” looks kind of interesting.

  5. Lioness

    Ohhh, this little lady is so friggin’ cute, she makes my heart melt!

  6. Ana

    She has always been the spitting image of Heath, but she looks a lot like michelle in that first picture too!


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