Olive Cohen & Grandma Enjoy A Day @ The Park

Olive Cohen & Grandma Enjoy A Day @ The Park

One-year-old Olive Cohen, daughter of Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen, was spotted out with her grandmother at a park in Beverly Hills.

Isla recently spoke out about the criticism she received for gaining weight during her pregnancy with Olive: “When I was pregnant, I remember someone wrote on a blog that I had gained too much weight. I remember being really shocked that even during something as incredible and beautiful as pregnancy, you are still subject to body fascism.”

Photos: Flynet

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  • Monica

    Is this Sacha’s mom?

  • Jane

    Olive is the prettiest baby in Hollywood!

  • Erica

    Has anyone seen photos of Sasha and Olive together?

  • Jen

    I don’t believe for a minute that they’re still together. No official statement has been made, but they’ve been apart for a very long time. Olive is always seen on Isla’s hip—they’re never out with Dad. Very unusual. I know people will think it’s a freak thing, but happy families and people in love are usually, ya know, spotted doing things together.

  • Cathy

    What are you talking about??? Isla and Sascha are still together and there HAVE been pics of the family on an outing together more than once as shown below:




  • Lindsay

    Yea, but two out of three of those pictures are from when Olive was a newborn… so a year ago.
    It’s hard to say if they’re still together or not.

  • Nicollette

    well the last pic seems recent? there both very busy actors. who are we to judge??

  • shirilicious

    I like them together, so I would be a little sad if they aren’t a couple anymore.
    Unfortunately, busy actors means they’re BOTH focusing on their careers, which isn’t always the healthiest thing for a relationship. I too tend to believe that it isn’t all sweetness and light in the Baron-Fisher household.
    BTW, stating that you think they’re not together anymore is an opinion and not judgment.

  • Dea

    It’s a shame if the speculation turns out to be true, but off topic read somewhere Gwyneth is also rumored to be separated, not THAT I am not surprised!

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