Gretchen Mol & Ptolemy Enjoy A Break Together

Gretchen Mol & Ptolemy Enjoy A Break Together

Gretchen Mol was photographed with her 1-year-old son, Ptolemy John Williams, while on a break at the set of Life on Mars in New York City.

Gretchen is the national spokesperson for the PMD Foundation, which funds research and awareness of Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease, a neurological disorder afflicting children.

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  1. V

    he looks just like her.

  2. ivy

    how do you pronouce that name?

  3. If they pronounce it like it used to be pronounced, it is tol-uh-mee. I like how that sounds together, Tol-uh-mee John.

  4. Dea

    Oh dear, this one definitely should be on the worst name list!

  5. Pencils

    At least Ptolemy is a real name, unlike some of the things people saddle kids with these days (Bronx.) I kind of like it, as I love ancient history, yet I don’t think it’s fair to give kids a name that they’re going to have to explain the spelling and pronunciation of for the rest of their lives.

  6. Lioness

    This little guy looks just like his mom… really, really cute. I’ve always liked his name, as well.

  7. Kayden

    I bow down hlmuby in the presence of such greatness.


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