Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!


  • Kingston wears Jip en Jenneke Rainboots – £6.95, sizes 22 – 30 (sorry, the only online store I could find them at only ships to the Netherlands)
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    1. Sarita

      I recognized Jip & Janneken on his boots the first time I saw this photo and figured maybe they had gone international. Wonder where they bought them. Maybe a gift from a fan from NL?

    2. Bellatrix

      Jip & Janneke boots are available in the Hema shops so that would make them up for sale in the Netherlands and Belgium.

      They have some green & blue ones too (or used to, at least)…

    3. joyce

      a fan gave them to Gwen at one of her concerts, I read someting like that in a dutch newspaper.
      I love that Kingston is wearing them, because I always thought that singers and actors threw away the stuff that they get from there fans.
      and I love the Jip en Janneke story’s

    4. Haha cool! I am from the Netherlands. Every little kid here has those boots. I think i use to have them too. Cute to see King wearing them!


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