Denise & Her Ice Princesses

Denise & Her Ice Princesses

Denise Richards took her daughters Sam, 4 1/2, and Lola, 3 1/2, ice skating again in Santa Monica on Sunday. As they were leaving the rink, both girls were tired and wanted to be held by their mom.

Dad is Denise’s ex-husband Charlie Sheen.


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  • Julita

    whats that about carrying big children?? arent they able to walk by themselves? look at how they are falling out of Denise’s arms, thats ridiculous

  • Jess

    Yeah, i agree that the second pic DOES look ridiculous

  • Msmichie

    Denise Richards would be a very beautiful woman, if she wasn’t so nasty. It just makes her UGLY.
    And yes, those girls are too big to be carried around like that. Maybe she wants them to “like HER best!”

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