Is Kate Moss Expecting?

Is Kate Moss Expecting?

Kate Moss was spotted continuing her vacation in Thailand with rocker boyfriend Jamie Hince, her 6-year-old daughter Lila Grace and friends on Surin Beach. Recent reports claim that Kate is pregnant with her second child. What do you think?

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  • Janie

    Well, she is smoking so I hope she is not pregnant.

  • lacey

    Well, she’s either pregnant, really bloated, or smuggling something under her shirt. Because her stomach definitely does not look like that normally.

  • gia

    she looks totally pregnant in that second pic…she must be…its too bad if she is still smoking though. it looks like she is, but i cant tell for sure…as an ex smoker i know how impossible it seems to quit, but being pregnant should make the challenge a lot easier…if you cant quit smoking for your unborn baby, then thats sad…its like choosing your own pleasure & satisfaction over the health of your child…something may not go wrong, but everyone knows its not good for the baby.

  • AnnaK

    She has to be, and I can see her smoking while she’s pregnant. That’s so Kate.

  • Julia

    Well, as Jenie already said, I also hope she is not, but it looks like she is no ?
    We’ll see…

  • Julia

    Sorry Janie, not Jenie 😉

  • Dannie

    Definitely pregnant. No way she’s not unless those pics are doctored.

  • Becky

    Knocked up or “putting on weight for a role”, isn’t that what they always say? 😛 And I agree, if she’s preggo, toss the ciggy chiquita!! Poor baby.

  • Lala

    well, she definately has no roles coming up, so I am going with knocked up, poor baby.

  • Sanja

    I think it’s too early to be sure, but it looks like she is on these pictures. i sure hope I’m wrong, because she hasn’t exactly been a model mother to Lila:-(

  • Dea

    Meh, baby or no baby I am not surprised she is still “loading” more than just cigarettes and booze, if you know what I mean. This is kate, heavyweight champion when it comes to substance abuse.

  • Anonymous

    Smoking while prego…
    Wearing nothing (on top at least) under that thin cover up…
    Getting knocked up by yet another boyfriend…
    Bringing her child to an adult frolic on the beach and calling it “vacation”

    Kate: Continually reminding us that “model” does not necessarily mean “role model”.

  • Anonymous

    Most skinny model-types don’t casually stand around with one hand on their gut, however most pregnant women do. You decide.

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