Violet Plays While Mom & Dad Welcome Baby Sister

Violet Plays While Mom & Dad Welcome Baby Sister

Violet Affleck enjoyed a trip to the park with her nanny on Tuesday. The adorable 3-year-old was swinging high above the ground flashing those precious dimples while mom and dad were at the hospital welcoming her baby sister.

We cannot wait to hear the baby name they chose this time around. Any guesses / votes?

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  • olivia

    My guess is Olivia. I would also guess Lily or another nice name like that

  • Helena

    I hope hope hope it’s something nice. I don’t know why but I have a feeling that it would be kinda “different” name. It would be almost hilarious. You see, almost everybody guessed this baby will be a boy. It’s a girl. Then, everybody guesses her name will be nice and traditional like Violet’s. I hope I’m wrong but I just feel this may happen.
    Anyway, I’d love to see they named her something like: Rose, Liliana, Amelia, Rebecca, Lydia, Cordelia, Emily, etc.
    I know it’s silly to think about names for a baby I don’t even know but it’s interesting.

  • Pencils

    I just hope it’s not my daughter’s name! I’m afraid of it suddenly getting really popular, like Violet. A friend of mine named her daughter Violet about seven years ago, and she was the first baby I had heard of with that name–which was a family name, BTW, they didn’t get it from somewhere else. And Violet is now very trendyl So I hope it doesn’t happen to Aurora.

  • Lala

    Aurora is my name, it means morning sun. And I am 26, so it was definately before the disney princess :)

  • Peta

    Whatever they name the child, I highly doubt it will be something as far out of this world as some names I’ve heard. :)

  • Allegra

    I think either it will be something pretty and traditional, and potentially flowery, like Lily, Rose or Daisy, or maybe Mia, Matilda, Beatrice, Sophie, Audrey or Lucy, or it will be something a little more unusual, as sometimes happens with second children. Maybe something like Una, Callista or Willow. Only time will tell. I’m sure they’ll do a goos job with the name, though, as they did with Violet Anne. And I’m sure the new baby’s just as beautiful and happy as her gorgeous big sister. Congratulations to Jennifer, Ben and big-sister-Violet.

  • Katrina

    lol, lala, the sleeping beauty was released in 1959

  • Alma

    Julia came as first into my mind. Dont know why.

    Will see

    Alma from Netherlands

  • Natalie

    I think they will name her Grace Elizabeth :) Just a feeling!

  • Lala

    True Katrina, but you know how it was when the little mermaid came out, all of a sudden there were tons of Ariels 😀

  • Pencils

    The Disney princess has been around since 1959, but Tchaikovsky used the name in his Sleeping Beauty in 1889. It’s an old name–George Sand, the French writer, was named Aurore. (Well, one of her names.)

  • Pencils

    Helena–I have a niece named Cordelia who is almost 12.

    I think they’re going to give the new baby something old-fashioned but pretty, although I’m not going to guess. Either that or something traditional, they don’t strike me as the type to name a child Alabama.

  • Alisa

    I trust in Jen and Ben to pick a nice name. I know Violet was named after a great grandmother, but in my household, we cant help but joke that they will name her Lavendar. :) Do you know how much i’d laugh if they did?

  • melanie

    I agree allegra. I think daisy, rose, lily or something flowery!

  • Sherry

    Violet’s hand needs to be held…not her arm and wrist. I don’t like to see kids held like this. I ‘d rather see Jen carry her!

  • Rosy J

    I agree with you Sherry, I don’t like it either. This is not the same nanny Violet had when she was born. I wonder what happened to the other one? I rather see her in the care of her parents.

  • shirilicious

    Sherry and Rosy, are you being serious? Violet sure won’t suffer any emotional distress if a nanny takes her to the playground once in a while.

  • Shelli

    I blogged about my feelings of her being photographed w/o her mom’s knowledge, it disgusts me.

    I’m wondering why paps don’t have to obtain model releases for face shots, every other photog does.

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