Update: Charlotte Church Welcomes Son Dexter

Update: The couple have named their son is Dexter Lloyd.

Charlotte Church and boyfriend Gavin Henson have welcomed their second child, a son. The baby boy was born just after midnight Sunday, January 11th at the their home in the UK and weighed 7 lbs., 5 oz. No name has been released yet.

The new baby joins big sister Ruby Megan, 15 months.

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  1. Lioness

    Why does her husband look so miserable in that picture, lol?? Anyway, congrats to them both!!

  2. morgan

    haha, he does look a bit sad doesn’t he! And congrats to them both

  3. Dea

    Yeah, he must be thinking,” great, another sleepless night!”

  4. Lala

    i don’t think they are married….

  5. Sanja

    Gavin’s dad is Alan Lloyd and Megan is after Gavin’s grandmother.


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