The Maguires & Friends In LA

The Maguires & Friends In LA

Tobey Maguire and his pregnant wife Jennifer Meyer Maguire inspect an empty retail space in Los Angeles on Sunday. The couple were accompanied by their 2-year-old daughter Ruby and friends Sara Gilbert and Allison Adler. Jennifer’s baby bump was on proud display in a tight top. Both she and daughter Ruby wore trendy Ugg boots.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  • anne

    ” … on proud display”? Oh please.

  • gia

    I know she is pregnant & all, but she looks like a total slob, those are indoor clothes…I am not saying she has to leave the house looking like Posh, but at least make somewhat of an effort to not look like you are in your pj’s. I think she leaves the house looking like this a lot…she can afford the best & cutest maternity clothes, why spend all that money on expensive sweats?

  • Ava

    I was thinking the same thing. Even though you are pregnant, you can put on some descent clothes. Especially if you know you will be photographed.

    Anyone catch the daughter “picking a winner” in the first photo?

  • MartiniLush

    I think she looks adorable – she is one of those women who look wonderful pregnant! Also, I LOVE the way she is so casual – she looks amazing when she dresses up, but you can tell her whole life doesn’t revolve around looking “perfect” when she leaves the house everyday. She seems much more interested in having fun with her friends and family than in what people are thinking of her – I say BRAVO!! Such a relief from the usual Hollywood put-on…

  • Enya

    Ruby is such a mini Tobey. Wow!

  • cleo

    I do not see anything wrong with what Jen is wearing. She looks cute and comfy. Celebs are photographed on a daily basis sometimes – why can they not have a casual day?

  • Jen

    Being a mother of four, I went for comfort when I was pregnant, not style lol Of course, there were always exceptions such as events where a more proper dress style would be expected but I hardly think looking at retail calls for being trendy lol

  • Dea

    Ooh, look at Ruby picking her nose! what a typical 2 year old, just like my son LOL!

  • sasha

    she doesn’t dress much better when she’s not pregnant, but if comfort is key then go for it.

  • Ridder

    Just because a young teen/preteen girl is like a tomboy and/or into many sports and/or doesn’t wear all the frilly dresses and play with Barbie Dolls, does NOT make one gay. If one has watched Roseanne, you’ll see that the majority of the female cast didn’t wear dresses or get all dolled up, nor act all girly, even the girl who played the older daughter, Becky, let alone the adult females on the show either, but they aren’t gay. Sara’s character was into goth and not being the typical foo-foo girly-girl. Plus they were of a lower class and if one ever took college level ‘Social Economics’, you’d understand what I’m trying to say-but I’m not wasting anymore time on one’s ‘stupidity’. But to call a young preteen or teen gay based on “looks” or because of how they “dress” is very naive, let alone inane (and people wonder why so many young teens are committing suicide these days). Though a gay person can spot another readily, so glad you’re out too ‘jayzrealwifey’ ‘-) LoL
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