Lisa Marie Presley’s Twin Girls: Finley & Harper

Lisa Marie Presley debuts her 3-month-old twin girls Finley and Harper in the new issue of PEOPLE.

“I really wanted these babies,” said the 40-year-old mom, who tried for two years to get pregnant before conceiving the twins. “My blood was too thick and would clot, which caused several miscarriages. The moment I took blood thinners, I got pregnant.”

Lisa Marie and her husband Michael Lockwood, 47, also share their Los Angeles home with her children from a previous marriage: daughter Riley, 19, and son Benjamin, 16. Elvis Presley’s only daughter said it is “chaotic bliss” in their home.

Lisa Marie also opened up about losing the baby weight after the twins. “I was unable to see my toes by the fourth month. But I only gained 30 lbs. total. I worked out up until the seventh month.”

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  • anonymous

    The babies look beautiful!

  • Sanja

    The babies are very cute, but it’s not a good picture of Lisa Marie.

  • Leandra

    Those are beautiful babies. What a joy for Lisa Marie and her husband.

  • Janie

    Beautiful babies!

  • lillian-mackenzie

    beautiful babies

  • GavMitri

    Cute little girls – but I’m wondering how do you only gain 30 lbs total with twins???

  • Katrina

    Babies arent that heavy, and the weight of the fluids dont add that much, honestly. If she wasnt exactly thin before, and was working out during it, its not surprisng she didnt gain much. I had a 9 pound baby and didnt gain a pound of weight.

  • Sherry

    And it all started with the King!

  • Storm

    awwww – that’s a wonderful picture of those beautiful babies!

  • kim

    What’s with the Blanche Devereaux nightie? Cheesecake anyone?

  • Anonymous

    Elvis would be proud!

  • klk

    Too bad she couldn’t have give Michael Jackson the children he wanted so much,they would have been beautiful also and maybe he would still be alive.

  • Anonymous

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