Michael Jackson & Blanket @ Medical Center

Michael Jackson & Blanket @ Medical Center

A masked Michael Jackson was spotted at a Beverly Hills medical center with his 6-year-old son Prince Michael II, who is also known as Blanket.

The 50-year-old King of Pop took a few minutes to sign autographs for fans. One fan had an old Jackson Brothers album while another gave him a bag of chips to sign. Blanket had a scarf around his head, yet his face was still visible though the material.

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  • CrisU

    Thanx for the photos! Bless Michael and his kids.he’s an wonderful father/parent and people that will leave bad comments should be ashamed!

    • xlhyzfai


  • blueyes

    Blanket has Michael’s eyes! How adorable he is gonna look when he and the others are all grown up!

  • Lioness

    Blanket looks just LIKE Michael did when he was a kid- just with lighter skin. Very cute!

  • Isa

    OMG Blanket looks exactly like Michael when his daddy was the same age wow! Adorable child!

  • Anonymous

    I seem to be forgetting my celebrity couples (out of sight out of mind)…who is Blanket’s biological mother?

  • misst

    He looks just like his daddy!!! He’s going to be handsome like his dad too!!!

  • Maureen

    I can’t believe how much he is hounded no wonder he tries out disguises although they do not work as it raises interest. There has been so many nasty stories about Michael and so many untruths. I hope Blanket and the other children do not get the same sort of treatment. It must feel upsetting for them to be constantly of interest to the public. I just wish something positivie and nice could be said for a change. God Bless you Michael and your children. I really hope you return to recording and the stage again very soon.

  • Daze

    I think all of Michaels’ kids favor him. Kind of strange, though with the veil. Blanket’s mother is anonymous, a surrogate, I believe.

  • Lisa

    According to an ex employee, Blanket was an “accident” with a women Michael had a secret relationship with. Blanket was not a planned pregnancy. According to the ex employee, Blankets mother found out she was pregnant AFTER Michael and her broke up. Michael also confirmed this in an interview that he had a relationship with Blankets mother and that she doesn’t want to be in the public eye as Michael puts it “And I don’t blame her cause she knows how scum bag the tabloids can be”

  • Nikki Rasasi

    You know , those pics in my opinion shuld not be posted on the internet , Mr. Jackson and Son desirve some privacy , that’s smt that you “paparazzo” obviously didnt hear and know , shame …

  • gia

    Not to sound mean or anything, but I look forward to when his children are grown up enough to talk about their childhood…I would be very curious to hear what they have to say about it all…Imagine having to walk around in public with your face covered all the time?

  • Dri

    What is worse? Michael cover the faces of their children or show the faces of them and assist the media and the public ask questions like “Who looks Paris? Prince 1 is son of MJ? Who is the Blanket’s mother?”
    Michael tries to protect your children, but if it covers the faces of these people do not agree.If MJ does not cover the faces of children people would say that MJ is a bad father for being out of the picture of children.So, what to do? It must be very difficult for him to try to live a normal life with his kids.The media and the haters will never leave in peace.

  • Jen

    Michael covers their faces as he is the most famous person on earth and has recieved many many ransom threats that has scared him to death! He is protecting them! Have you seen all the celebrity toodlers always in the mags being gossiped about? Its so wrong on so many levels to do that to children. You never see Michael’s kids there, at least thye are also prtected by tabloid crap. Michael’s the only smart parent that doesn’t plan on selling his kids out like other celebs!

  • Eliane

    Happiness,Michael Jackson and your children!! I LOVE YOU!!

  • Jimmy

    I love Michael Jackson & his kids.hope 2 to record back very soon

  • M.E.

    Blanket looks Mexican.

  • 18091992

    OMG! This boy definitely looks like Michael!

  • Tasha

    I wonder did Michael’s family got his life insurance payout after all?

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