Rachel Griffiths & Husband Expecting Third Child

Brothers & Sisters star Rachel Griffiths and husband, Andrew Taylor, are expecting their third child together, PEOPLE reports.

No other details have been released. The new baby will join their 5-year-old son Banjo, who is named after Australian poet Andrew Barton “Banjo” Paterson, and their 3 1/2-year-old daughter Adelaide Rose.


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  1. Kaelyn-aubrey

    Congratulations lets hope rachel give this child a normal name

  2. Vivi

    Congrats! I think she’s an amazing actress! BTW, her daughter’s name is Adelaide Rose (and I soooo love it)!

  3. popsykl

    Hey! my eight year old daughters name is Adelaide and it is normal thanks!!!!!!!

  4. Sam

    Thanks Vivi, I was going to say I don’t remember her daughters name being Rose and you came up with the right answer;)

    I don’t think her childrens names are unusual, I think Banjo is better than some of the othe celebrity baby names.

  5. Jenny

    I loved her in Six Feet Under!!! I miss that show.

  6. Rinoa

    I loved her on Six Feet Under as well – that was such a good show! And Adelaide is such a pretty name. My niece is named Adelaide as well.

  7. Jen

    I wouldn’t call Banjo a nice name. Cute for a dog, maybe, but a human child? Absolutely not. Maybe this next one will be Clarinet? Drums? Harmonica? Organ?

  8. Jackie

    There is nothing wrong with Banjo. I’m Australian and it’s very culturally significant. Banjo Paterson is one of the greatest artists in Australian history. I think it’s a lovely name.


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