Carnie & Lola Pick Up Some Groceries

Carnie & Lola Pick Up Some Groceries

Pregnant Carnie Wilson was seen out grocery shopping with her 3-year-old daughter Lola at Gelson’s in Tarzana.

The 40-year-old musician recently revealed that she and husband Rob Bonfiglio are expecting another girl: “It’s Luciana – but we’ll call her Lucy. Isn’t that great?”

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  1. gia

    her belly looks pretty big already…I wonder when she is due?

  2. Tif

    I think it’s a June baby….

  3. Anonymous

    her daughter is looking a bit large for her age, well, actually large period…then again it’s in her genes…but that can be controlled and should for a child

  4. Anonymous

    her UTERUS looks large, not her belly

  5. ivy

    you can see her uterus?? thats in her belly right?

  6. Dea

    LOL@ivy. Well, everyone carries differently and since she is quite a big girl, it must have shown faster. I am a 5’2 petite and didnt show til I was in my 7 month!


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