Jenna Jameson’s Growing Baby Bump

Jenna Jameson's Growing Baby Bump

Pregnant Jenna Jameson attends the WAMMA (World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts) Championships in Anaheim, California on Saturday. Jenna is expecting twins in April with her boyfriend, former MMA star Tito Ortiz.

The 34-year-old announced in January 2008 that she is retiring from pornographic performances. Jenna miscarried a baby shortly after being diagnosed with skin cancer in 2004. She was unable to get pregnant again, even after in vitro fertilization.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, she got big fast! Or maybe it’s because there aren’t that many pictures of her. She looks great though.

  • gia

    Her face really has that pregnant bloated look to it…Last time I saw her she barely looked pregnant at all, I thought something might have even been wrong…She did pop out in a major way!!

  • Ja-j

    Yes she did put some weight on, but she was way 2 skinny in the first place. I agree, she still looks great.

  • Julita

    that is a HUGE bump :)

  • kw

    Bless her, so big and months to go!

  • Jennifer

    She looks gorgeous.

  • Jamie

    Jenna looks fantastic! How beautiful she shines with this pregnancy.

  • Peta

    I think this is the best she’s ever looked. Pregnancy seems to agree with her.

  • Dea

    Well, for women with twins they tend to look more bigger eventhough they still have few months to go..good luck to her.

  • Jade

    OMG i WAS going to write how i agree with these woman i think Jenna looks gorgeous with the plump face and belly but now i have to comment on something else i was looking at the picture and one of the ads that was on there was….”How to lose stomach fat”

    like COME ON!!!! we don’t need those ads on pictures of pregnant bellies lol

  • K

    She looks great! Really healthy and glowing…
    My only question is about this part of the article- “She was unable to get pregnant again, even after in vitro fertilization.”

    Obviously she was able to get pregnant again… ?

  • JennyLoo

    she had to put weight on in order to keep her babies healthy. She was far to skinny and unhealthy before. I dont think she is going to make it to April though, she looks huge!

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