Nick Nolte & Daughter Sophie In Malibu

Nick Nolte & Daughter Sophie In Malibu

Troubled actor Nick Nolte was seen spending an afternoon in Malibu reading the newspaper and relaxing with his longtime partner Clytie Lane and their 1-year-old daughter Sophie Lane Nolte. Nick also has a 22-year-old son named Brawley with his ex-wife Rebecca Linger.

Nolte has two movies opening in theaters this year, Hot Tub Stalker and Bat Sunset.

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  1. Janie

    Wow – he looks terrible! The years have not been kind to him!

  2. Lala

    I don’t think he has been particularly kind to himself ;) i had no idea he had a little one….

  3. JennyLoo

    Well considering his son is an adult im going to guess this new little addition was a surprise… non the less babies are a blessing so maybe he will clean up his act… and er… it least shower?

  4. Jeannine

    I think he looks great! and his partner is lovely…the baby is beautiful and it looks like Nick has found some happiness. I wish them the best.


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