Chyler Leigh To Name Daughter Aniston

Grey’s Anatomy star Chyler Leigh has chosen a name for the baby girl she and husband Nathan West are expecting this May – Aniston.

“We’re going with Aniston,” the Grey’s Anatomy star tells The Insider.

The new baby will join siblings Noah, 5, and Taelyn, 2 1/2.


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  1. anne

    I swear, celebrity world just gets more ingrown by the day! As time goes on, the showbiz folks seem to provide an ever-higher percentage of entertainment from their personal lives than from what they do professionally! :D

  2. Jenny-Loo

    Aniston? Like Jennifer Aniston? lol I like last names as first names but this choice is not my favorite…

  3. brandy

    And I thought I picked a name that wouldn’t become popular for my 6 month old daughter (born 8.8.08). Her name is Anniston.

  4. melanie

    ^AW! I would totally name my kid Aniston, it’s adorable and Jennifer is the BEST!

  5. gia

    I dont like that name at all…I hope they will just call her Ann or Anna.


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