Stella’s Got Her Groove On!

Stella's Got Her Groove On!

Liam and Stella McDermott dance to the music at the Pull-Ups® Potty Dance held at the Helen Mills Theater in NYC, Feb 12th. The event, hosted by mom Tori Spelling is aimed at saying farewell to diapers and celebrating the beginning the potty training journey.


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  • Liyah

    Wow Liam looks so much like Tori’s brother! And Stella is such a doll

  • Rinoa

    Aww, such cute kids!! And Tori looks figure looks great – good for her!

  • Lala

    I think she is a spitting image of her dad!

  • Jen

    Wow, she looks *just* like her dad! With less hair 😉

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad these kids have stronger genes from there farthers side!

  • shirilicious

    While it surely isn’t the nicest thing to say, I kind of agree with anonymous. Maybe Tori should lay off the heavy make-up she’s sporting and generally go for a more casual outfit. I understand that she’s the host and wants to look her best but, for christ’s sake, this a “potty” dance party. Dressing appropriately for an event obviously isn’t her strong point.

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