Calista Flockhart & Harrison Ford To Wed?

Engaged for almost 2 years – he popped the question on April Fool’s Day in 2007 – reports are that Harrison, 66, and Calista, 44, will wed any day:

“Rumours of their imminent wedding are said to be swirling in the town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where the couple have an 800-acre ranch. They have reportedly had blood tests, which in some parts of the U.S. are required in order to obtain a marriage licence.”

This would be Calista’s first marriage, but the third for Harrison – he was married to Mary Marquardt for 15 years and then to Melissa Mathison for 18 years. He has four grown children and is now a grandfather as well.

Harrison has been experiencing fatherhood again since meeting Calista. The Brothers & Sisters actress adopted her son Liam as a newborn in 2001, shortly before she and Harrison started dating. The three live together in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Harrison credits Liam with giving him a different outlook on life.

“I don’t pretend to be anything I am not age wise, but Liam keeps me feeling connected to this growing and maturing process which is so much fun.”

Are you married? How long were you and your partner together before you tied the knot?

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  • Abby

    My husband and I knew each other for two years before we went on our first date. We got married a few months later.

    I really do hope they get married. They seem like a great couple!

  • Anonymous

    Is the blood test thing to prove you aren’t related?

  • Meghan

    i hope they do get married.
    my hubby and i dated for four years before he popped the question. we got married two months later and then four months later we welcomed our first baby girl Sierra. three kids later we are still going strong.

  • melanie

    my first husband and i got married when we were 20 and i had our first daughter when we were 22. then we divorced when i was pregnant w/our second girl at 23. now i’m currently pregnant w/my little boy and i’m 26, and i’m not sure if my boyfrend and i are going to wed but i see us being together for a longgg time if not forever.

  • jackie

    We dated for 5yrs before we married. Celebrating 7 yrs on Monday

  • Rinoa

    Not married but we’ve been together close to 7 years now.

  • Lisa

    We dated 8 years before we got married and the last 4 we lived together. We’ve been married now 11 years.

  • Rosy J

    Such a great couple. I hope they enjoy many more years together.

  • Hannah

    My husband and I met when we were both 16, we were together 6 years before we got hitched, and we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on January 25th!

  • meme

    8 months from meeting to marriage. Next week is our 15 year anniversary

  • Dea

    we dated long distance for 2 years until my then boyfriend popped the question, April it will be our 5th year anniversary, now we have 2 years old son and 3.5 months pregnant with 2nd one :-). OT: I thought they are already married??

  • Cari

    Good for them, I’ve always liked those two together.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, thanks for so many replies to a serious question! Gee, i was genuninly asking about that blood test…

  • Rinoa

    Anonymous – I didn’t answer your question because I don’t know the answer. I’m not even from the States. But maybe somebody else knows.

  • Carolyn

    Anon – I really don’t know either, but after a bit of Googling it seems that the blood tests are related to detecting disease (eg Mississippi & a couple of other states tests for Syphilis). Some states still require them and others don’t. I’m definitely not an expert on US marriage law, but that’s what I could come up with. :)

  • Jacie

    My husband and I were living together for 9 years before we got married. Now it has been 11 years together total. We are expecting our first child this spring.

    As for the blood test – I was married in California, so I can only speak for the requirements of California, but NO blood test is required for California.

  • Noah

    Um, seems a little fishy since Wyoming does not require a blood test or physical exam of any kind.

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