Courtney Thorne-Smith Is A Baby-Wearin’ Mama

Courtney Thorne-Smith Is A Baby-Wearin' Mama

Courtney Thorne-Smith took her 1-year-old son Jacob and the family dog for a walk near their Pacific Palisades home.

The cute mother-son duo were just spotted walking the dog a few weeks ago. Courtney was carrying Jacob in the BabyBjorn at that time as well.

How long did you use your Bjorn?

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  • Anonymous

    With my first daughter who is 9 yrs, I tried the baby carried when she was 9 months and I threw it away. Omg, it was hurting my back! Now my second daughter is 1 month and a half and I love it. Every other time we’re going out, I have to put it on. I love it when she’s that close me to me and she enjoys it as well. I think I may go on til she’s 9 months lol.

  • Pika

    My son just hated the snugli from the start. He was very active and hated to be “restrained” by the carrier. I think I used it for about a week and then ended up giving it to a friend.

  • Carolyn

    My daughter hated slings from the start, but thankfully loved the Baby Bjorn. She was in that thing every day until she was about 11 months and started getting too heavy for me.

  • Tiffany

    I used mine up until my children were about 10 months. At that point they are to heavy to carry that way. Plus I think that’s important at that age find that simple independence.

  • melanie

    hahaha aw look at his fit! ha cuute!

  • Dea

    At the most I used it til my son was 7 months, he was getting too chubby and long for the Baby Bjorn. After that, my shoulders and back were starting to scream for mercy :-)

  • lisa

    I still put my 13 mos old (who is actually pretty heavy — 25 lbs) in the bjorn because it makes walking our dogs SOOOO much easier. And he loves it — so it works.

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