Lourdes Leon: Trend Setter

Lourdes Leon: Trend Setter

Keeping her fashion choices interesting just like mama, Lourdes Leon arrived at the Kabbalah Center in NYC rockin’ an eclectic array of patterns and colors. Madonna and her 3-year-old son David Banda Ritchie also arrived alongside the trend-setting 12-year-old.

Madonna was later seen leaving the Kabbalah center with her rumored boyfriend Jesus Luz. The Brazilian model was seen sporting a NY Yankees baseball cap. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Madonna and Jesus together.

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  1. Sanja

    Trend setter!? NOT!

  2. Ashley

    your kidding me, right? Lets start off by shaving the uni-brow.

  3. Hannah

    How nice it must be for Lourdes and David to hang out with their 50 year old mothers 22 year old boy toy. Ugh what a joke. Madonna makes me puke.

  4. Sam

    I agree. That’s quite disturbing if you ask me. The guys old enough to be her son for crying out loud! He’s entering the Kabbalah center with a cross..that’s nice??

  5. Janie

    Madonna should be ashamed for herself!

    She is a terrible role model for her kids!

    Guy Ritchie is better off without her!

  6. Peta

    Trend setter may be a stretch, but she seems to march to the beat of her own drum where her fashion sense is concerned. At least she’s not in some barely-there outfits that some girls her age insist on wearing. That’s always a plus in this day and age. :)

  7. Me

    I think the ones that should be ashamed are the people commenting on this site who are attacking and ridiculing a 12 year-old child.

  8. Katrina

    I agree.. its sickening the way you guys are flaming and attacking a 12 year old for something a WEBSITE labeled her as… its not like shes going around telling people shes setting trends. Get a grip

  9. James

    You bitter angry people need to get over yourselves. She’s 12, and seems to be a sweet intelligent girl. She will undoubtedly come into her own as a fascinating person and unfortunately will be plagued with constant jabs from miserable judgemental people that take pleasure in tearing other people down.

  10. Darya

    Why label her a trendsetter? She’s just a kid and can’t help who her mother is….I like Madonna but dragging around that boy toy who’s only 10 years older than Lourdes really looks inappropriate.

  11. Andrea

    Can you say dysfunctional family…? Lourdes dresses a little weird but hey, she’s a kid. Madonna and her little boy toy on the other hand, just gross.

  12. bb

    Frankly I say Madonna is a grown women and if you don’t like her choice of boyfriend than move on with your lives..

    but to pick on a 12-year-old girl that just wanted to wear what she wanted to wear is ridiculous, and all of you should be a shame.


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