Honor Marie Gets A Grip

Honor Marie Gets A Grip

Nine-month-old Honor Marie Warren gets a grip on her mommy, Jessica Alba, during a trip to the farmers market in Beverly Hills. Jessica was seen trying to console a grumpy Honor with one of the fruit. When the mother-daughter duo returned to their vehicle, Jessica found yet another parking ticket on her Hybrid Yukon.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Tasha

    She’s adorable, not fat! A lot of babies get really big and then thin out as they start walking around more.

  2. Tiff

    She’s not fat? She’s just chubby, which I find completley adorable & normal. She looks so much like Cash!!

  3. anonymous

    It looks like she is starting to get more hair…cute!

  4. ll

    Honor’s a chubby ball of adorable! I love her quiet looks. :)

  5. Rinoa

    Jesus, why do people constantly attack this baby? She looks normal for a baby this age and as others have said, she will thin out as she gets walking around.

  6. Rigel

    She still doesn’t smile, lol! Just like her mother, always looking at the camera with a grim look.

  7. melanie

    very pretty in this pic, looks like mommy!

  8. charlie

    honor is such an adorable baby :) I think its kind of cute the way she is holding on tight to mommy, as she is probably thinking why the hell these people are photographing them lol

  9. MDD

    Honor is a dead ringer for her daddy and cute as a button…

  10. Lioness

    I love fat babies- it’s the one time in life when you’re actually supposed to be, lol. Honor is too cute in these pics.


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