Tyrese & Shayla: Breakfast In Beverly Hills

Tyrese & Shayla: Breakfast In Beverly Hills

Tyrese Gibson and his adorable 18-month-old daughter Shayla have breakfast at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. His new movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is due to hit theaters on June 24th.

Also known simply as Tyrese, the R&B singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, former fashion model and MTV VJ has been in several Hollywood films, including Waist Deep, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Flight of the Phoenix, Four Brothers, Baby Boy, Death Race and Transformers.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Peta

    I had no idea he had a child. She’s cute. :)

  2. Anonymous

    she looks like her mom.

  3. dlock

    She is so cute. Its sad to think that he is going thru a divorce. His estranged wife claims he’s never around their daughter. She wants spousal support. Tyrese already pays for her apartment, car, and gives her $5,000/month. The courts just ordered him to pay child support and some other ridiculous things. I believe she is looking for a free ride, he moved her here from London, and she stated in court documents, that she has no job experience and only knows how to be a wife and a mother. lol This whole thing is crazy.

  4. Jenny-Loo

    What a adorable little girl! If what Dlock says about the little girls mother is true… that is so sad! Hopefully they can get things worked out.

  5. dlock
  6. kim

    tyrese ex is a bitch,she should’nt be doing this to him if he’s supportive.if a jamaica she deh dis could’nt gwaan,the man woulda beat har ass up!!


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