The Jackmans & Their Colorful Trousers

In their colorful trousers, Hugh Jackman and his 8-year-old son Oscar Maximillian Jackman were spotted taking a walk through the West Village on Thursday.

The Sexiest Man Alive recently said that his 12 year marriage to Deborra-Lee Furness is a “mad love affair.” The 40-year-old added “I’m madly in love with her… more and more each day.”


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  1. Aylin

    Aww… my favorite father-son duo. Oscar is so cute!

  2. Anonymous

    The name of Hugh Jackmann’s wife is Deborra-Lee Furness…(not Deborah-Lee Furnish)

  3. tess

    he’s a great guy, I hope find a man just like him. he really love his wive. she’s soooooo lucky.


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