The Trumps Strike A Pose

The Trumps Strike A Pose

Donald Trump his wife Melania Knauss-Trump and their son Barron, who turns 3 later this month, posed for a family photo at NBC Studios in Manhattan, NYC.

We just saw some cute pictures of Melania and Barron the 18th annual Bunny Hop to benefit the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Cente in FAO Schwarz toy store in NYC.

Photo: Splash

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  • Holly G

    Note to Donald:

    Stay away from the spray tan…I repeat…stay AWAY from the spray tan.

  • Emily

    I really honestly think that that man has NO CLUE how effin’ creepy he really is. I mean, seriously… if I saw him on the street, I’d turn and walk away. LOOK AT HIM. Holy moses. His money must mean a lot to that woman. It would take a LOT of money for me to have sex with that man. Hahaha.

  • Paula


  • Carlie

    There’s no way that’s a love match. Unless her favorite colour is orange??

  • Anonymous

    hey mom, you’re wearing a dead animal! hey dad, it also looks like you’re wearing a dead thing on your head! money don’t buy you good taste now, do it?…

  • Anonymous

    @ Emily – She’s probably reading vogue while letting him get on with it! lol…eugh

  • Janie

    Donald Trump is a disgusting creep!

  • Dea

    Somebody is transforming into an Oompa Loompa. LOL!! just realized reading from what other posted, making fun of him is really FUN :-)

  • meredith

    Oh my LORD! Does he have any idea how awful he looks?!

  • Lala

    His pink eyes match his shirt. This guy is a creep and wholly unworthy of all the attention he gets. BLETCH!

  • cait

    they blessed a beautiful boy, but the two of them do not make a good match!! yes he looks awful idk what she sees in him! oops..guess we already established that LOL!

  • LilNick

    I can not believe how big and SO much older looking than just coming up on 3 Barron is!!!!OMG

  • Sloane

    Now that’s something you DON’T see everyday! EEK.

    Cute kid and Melania you could do 100x better, take your money and run!

  • Keri

    Melania is so pretty! Baron is a cutie!

  • elaina

    Mr. Trump, is a very caring person and he looks great for his age, his hair looks nice and is a very classey dresser and a wonderful father to his children. Hes number 1 and i love the show.

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