Jason Bateman Is A Proud Papa

In the interview the 40-year-old actor talks about two of the girls he loves: His wife Amanda Anka and their 2-year-old daughter Francesca.

Though Jason and Amanda met while in high school, he says it took him a while to realize she was “the one.” The couple will celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary this year.

“Once I got my s*** together, I knew she might be a fantastic candidate for the better half of my life. I only wanted to get married once, so I had to look for someone with longevity, which would be a friend. And a friend that I really want to sleep with, too – then that’s the ticket.”

Jason and his adorable daughter Francesca were featured in last year’s Gap Christmas ad campaign, and he admits that seeing their faces plastered on a giant LA billboard was a thrill.

“Anyone who has a kid, when friends ask you if you have a picture, you go, ‘Yeahyeahyeah,’ and whip out your phone to show off. This was that times ten. Look up there. She’s mine.” he says. “And I love her.”

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  1. popsykl

    francesca is the most beautiful kid in hollywood she beats shiloh and suri

  2. Peta

    She’s also not as over-exposed. :) I love that Old Hollywood look she has.

  3. Dea

    I agree with previous posters and she has the most classic old Hollywood look, like Shirley Temple. How adorable!! she looks so much like her daddy :-)

  4. coco

    she actually has suri’s eyes, shiloh’s lips.

  5. cyberkitten38

    Now THIS is a beautiful child! Beautiful features..and the sweetest curly hair…she looks like a doll :)

  6. omg, that babe IS a living doll. beyond beautiful. wow, i’m speechless.looks like auntiejustine


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