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  • AnnMarie

    I’m SO, SO sick of this magazine. It’s full of crap, and it rarely sells. So the company should just call it quits. Useless.. just.. USELESS!

  • Aya

    what’s up with Ang’s lip?

  • FLOR

    if i where brad ill sue their assessss!!!!!!!

  • Peta

    ‘Brad races away on his motorcycle’. I actually laughed at that.

  • ker

    i laugh every time i see a headline for this magazine! rofl rofl

  • amanda

    so ridicuous…the press tries to break up their relationship… but it just makes them stronger love them ?

  • Rosy J

    Star Magazine is notorious for making up lies! They are the worst gossip rag out there.

  • Kim

    Brad would never do such a thing.

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