Angie Harmon & Girls Attend Monsters Vs. Aliens Premiere

Angie Harmon was photographed with two of her three daughters, Finley Faith, 5, and Avery Grace, 3 1/2, at the Los Angeles premiere of Monsters vs. Aliens on Sunday. Angie and her hubby, former professional football player Jason Sehorn, are also parents to 3-month-old Emery Hope.

Angie boasted that she has “the greatest husband on the planet” for helping her through her latest pregnancy. Unlike her first two “super easy” pregnancies, Angie accidentally tore a disc in her back during her third pregnancy, and it was husband Jason to the rescue: “It was so excruciating. He was unbelievable. You know, when you get married and they say ‘for better or for worse?’ What they really mean is, ‘Will you lift her on and off of a bed pan?’”


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  • Jen

    She had that baby THREE MONTHS AGO?! Wow…. she looks incredible!

  • Rosy J

    Her little girls are so cute and so is she.

  • Kat

    Where has she been hiding these beauties? They are precious! And she looks great for just having a baby.

  • Anonymous

    three months ago??!! my god, she looks incredible! i had my son four months ago, and i’m still huge!

  • Me

    Plastic surgery and starving yourself can work wonders!!!!!

  • Sara

    I love their names. Different but cute.

  • Kat

    In response to what “Me” said… Hahaha that made me laugh! Probably true, right? =)

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