Carnie Wilson: Pregnant & Glowing!

Carnie Wilson: Pregnant & Glowing!

A pregnant and glowing Carnie Wilson was seen shopping for her unborn daughter, who will be named Luciana, at Juvenile Shop on Ventura Blvd in Encino.

The 40-year-old former Wilson Phillips singer recently opened up about her second pregnancy: “Different. My body is used to being pregnant and my uterus knows what to do. The great news is that I’m able to exercise this pregnant. I’m walking a lot. I’m not a hiking kind of pregnant chick – that’s so not me. But I’m eating healthy. Emotionally, I’m excited and feel more proud. I’m 40 and pregnant, you know! And I’m carrying a few extra pounds, but that’s okay.”

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  1. gia

    I always feel bad for women who dont have a cute defined baby bump…She mostly just looks big rather than pregnant…It doesnt really matter as long as the baby is healthy, but I just love a perfect baby belly.

  2. Dea

    Carrying “a few extra pounds”? me thinkst not.

  3. kzsxyrr

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