Matilda Ledger’s Piggyback Ride

Matilda Ledger's Piggyback Ride

We can’t get enough of Matilda! The always expressive Matilda Ledger was seen getting a piggyback ride from director Spike Jonze through Brooklyn on Monday. Michelle Williams’ boyfriend has been bonding with the adorable 3-year-old over the last few months.

Michelle has talked about life without Matilda’s late father, Heath Ledger, and described her grief as “a moving river.” The 28-year-old Brokeback Mountain star went on to say, [I’m] an optimistic person, but I would say in some ways it just gets worse. It’s just that the more time that passes, the more you miss someone. In some ways it gets worse. That’s what I would say.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Jenny

    Good call ladies. Thanks for the feedback – great advice.
    Movin’ on…;)

  2. Dana

    How cute! I love how she is pulling his hair, lol. I’m starting to see a little more Michelle in her but those eyes are Heath’s. I’m glad to see she has a healthy male figure in her life.

  3. gia

    Enough with that heartbreaking quote! It seems to be only existing quote by Michelle Williams, I am sure she has been quoted as saying more uplifting somewhere about something, everything about her & Matilda doesnt have to be about the death of Heath.

  4. Anonymous

    I agree. Let the girl move on, even if her mother can’t.

  5. Anonymous

    She seems to always be happy and carefree, too cute.

  6. Anonymous

    Matilda looks so happy. I love how shes pulling on Spikes hair!

  7. Jess

    I agree Dana. Especially in pic 3, she favors Michelle a whole LOT! These pictures remind of those candid pictures of Heath&Matilda together. Kinda breaks my heart, but Spike seems like he’s doing a great job!! Keeeeep that little shining star smiling…she deserves it every step of the way ;)

  8. anne

    Ditto Jess!


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