Seraphina Is Stealing Our Hearts!

Seraphina Is Stealing Our Hearts!

The cuteness is almost too much to bear! Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were spotted going for a stroll in Boston with their two adorable daughters, Violet, 3, and Seraphina, 4 months, on Friday. Little Seraphina was strapped to mom’s chest, while Violet skipped alongside mom and dad.

The Garflecks are in Ben’s hometown while he shoots scenes for his new film, The Company Men.

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  1. Xx Maggie Xx

    Gorgeous little baby.

  2. Anonymous

    The girls are so cute. Little Sera is going to be adorable. And Peta i agree with you on the last photo. Someone is going to start talking!

  3. Anonymous

    She is sooo cute! Such dark hair compared to Vi

  4. melanie1983

    oh i know, when violet was a baby she had blonde hair!!! jen and ben are pisssed in that one photo.

  5. Anonymous

    this one is actually cute, as compared to Violet

  6. couture

    i think seraphina looks a bit more like her daddy and violet looks more like her mommy :o) both adorable!

  7. Audrey

    I think the last picture is cute. It reminds me of once seeing my girlfriend with her son in a back baby pack and her other child on her hip.

  8. Anonymous

    She is just adorable !!
    So cute =)

  9. Anonymous

    What’s going on in the last picture? I can’t tell

  10. Sherry

    Ben and his finger again! hahahaha!!!!! What ever floats your boat, bud!

  11. Daze

    Sera favors Violet quite a bit, but she seems to look a bit more like Ben than Violet, who is a clone of Jennifer, does. What a cute family.

  12. Lola

    I might finger too if paparazzi were taking pictures of my children. It must actually be quit annoying to have the intrusion.

  13. Janie

    OMG! Sera is absolutely adorable!

  14. Anonymous

    Seraphina is gorgeous and she looks just like her Daddy.

  15. CHDNH

    although i love this family, they never really seem to be happy together. of course these are only a few pictures out of thousands but they never seem to be smiling or engaged in conversation


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