Matilda Ledger Gives Michelle Some Lovin’

Matilda Ledger Gives Michelle Some Lovin'

What a greeting! Matilda Ledger was so excited to see her mom Michelle Williams - that she jumped up and gave her a big hug, knocking her backwards.

Early Saturday morning (May 16), the actress met up with her mom Carla – who carried Matilda on her shoulders and a friend in Brooklyn. The group then headed to a local coffee shop for breakfast.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    She has such spirit! I love her

  2. She is such a cute little girl! :-) Michelle appears to be a very hands-on mom.

  3. Dana

    Great pictures! Has Michelle’s hair grown out that much or is she wearing a piece?

  4. Janie

    absolutely adorable!

  5. Anonymous

    soooo cute!

  6. Anonymous

    Too cute!

  7. Anonymous

    oh and the “friend” is Michelle’s younger sister

  8. Amie

    Matilda is such a cute little girl with alot of spunk.
    Dana- Michelle is wearing extensions. It’s for her movie she’s currently filming with Ryan Gosling called “Blue Valentine”.

  9. Lioness

    Thanks for my Matilda dose, CBS!!


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