Tori & Stella’s Poolside Patty Cake

Tori & Stella's Poolside Patty Cake

Tori Spelling cooled off with 11-month-old daughter Stella in the pool, while Dean played with Liam, 2 (not pictured). The family was vacationing in Palm Springs Calif. over the weekend.

Tori’s husband Dean showed off his fresh ink – which took 7 hours to complete. The tattoo was a gift for Tori’s 36th birthday and it’s meant to symbolize their family.

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Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin


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  1. Claire

    Any idea where to get that float (online)?

  2. Rinoa

    I’m all for implants but her’s look strange in these pictures. Perhaps just too big for her petite frame. Anyway, Stella is adorable!

  3. janie

    That tatoo is disgusting!

    Their 15 minutes of fame has been over for a long time!

  4. Amberella

    her implants are like floating on water.

  5. Anonymouse

    Do they ever NOT have cameras/photo ops? Dean seems like he is so OTT to show how ‘devoted’ he is with ink of her face on his arm.. um.. it’s a but gauche.

  6. Dana

    Agreed. Those implants do not look right. She needs to gain about 20 lbs or so and then maybe they will suit her.

  7. janie

    What is up with all of the photo ops? These two are NOBODY’S!!

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