Nadya Suleman Signs On To Reality Show

Nadya Suleman Signs On To Reality Show

Mom-of-14 Nadya Suleman – also known as “Octomom” – will soon be hitting the small screen.

Nadya’s attorney confirms to US magazine that she has signed on to star in a “quasi-reality” show that will focus on her family life with the kids.

“[Nadya and the producers] are hoping to have an arrangement whereby several events in the children’s lives would be filmed in a documentary series. One of the events in the children’s lives might be their first birthday.”

The news may come as a bit of a surprise seeing as Nadya insisted as recently as last month that she would not be bringing in her brood to TV. Asked about a potential reality show by Life & Style magazine, she replied, “Absolutely not! I have no interest in being famous. I’d love to vanish from the public eye as soon as I can.”

Nadya, 33, gave birth to octuplets in January. She also is mom to six other kids ranging in age from 2 to 7 years old.

Will you be watching Nadya’s new show?

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  • Meghann

    I will watch. Those babies are darn cute!! I hope Nadya is recovering well from her surgery.

  • Gigohead

    Nope I wont’ watch. It’s like watching a car wreak and doing nothing to help. I’ve got my own baby to look forward.

  • Anonymous

    No Way!

  • Anonymous

    Will not be watching this greedy woman!
    So what if she’s got 8 babies? it doesn’t mean she should drag them through the media, how discusting!!!

  • Anonymous

    This has been bothering me for awhile. Why are people upset about the Gosselins and Nadya Suleman’s show but yet I never hear any out cry about how the Duggars are exploiting their children. I just don’t see a difference. I am genuinely curious if anyone can help explain this to me.

  • Christina

    Because, the Duggars don’t use their children for money. When started have their big family they ACTUALLY had the money to support it through Jim Bo being a former legislator and is currently a real estate agent. Unlike John+Kate who got freebies & had the jobs but didn’t make enough money to support their family, and Nadya who is unemployed & did it deliberately and is actually exploiting her kids for money.

  • Lucia

    The Duggars do not do it for the money. They do it with the hopes that maybe they can evangelize people in the process. They view it as spreading the Word of God. Also, and it pains me to judge other people’s parenting styles, but have you ever seen a scene with Kate and the kids where it did not end with her yelling non stop at them? Their house does not seem like a happy home. They do it completely for the money, and in my opinion they are dealing with the current controversies very poorly.

    The Duggars are an example of a family that actually spends time with their children. It is obvious that the children definitely DO come first in their lives. Yes, they have a lot of children and some view that as selfish. However, that corresponds with their religious views, something I believe no one should ever judge another person on.

    As for octo mom, she is not supporting her own children. She is a single mother on welfare who continually has children then expects the public to pay for them. That IS selfish, and those children should be taken away from her. There is no way she can care for all of them, especially since some of them have special needs in the way that they need to be taken care of.

    I will not be watching this show, and I will be urging others to do the same.

  • melanie

    “I’d love to vanish from the public eye as soon as I can.”
    pshhh my butt

  • Dana Stinson

    I will definitely not watch.

  • leigh

    I really don’t understand the complaining any more than I do the hype. Every time I sit down to watch a nice Dr. G ep there’s a new family with yet another documentary being advertised. And you know, all of these children on reality shows – and we see everyone from the identical quints, to the two large families that merged, to the Dilleys, and also that new Table for 12 – have it a lot better than a huge portion of the children in this world. We may get glimpses of these kids crying (God forbid), but from what I see there’s also plenty of giggling and wonderfully unique experiences. These kids are going to grow up and make the world interesting, and I imagine the only thing that may get in their way is Googling themselves and finding incessant crap demoralizing their family. What a kicker to a child’s confidence and spirit.

    Personally, I don’t know if I’ll watch but I was hoping Nadya would recognize the financial benefits and do a special or two. Her kids should be proud of themselves no matter how much more important everyone else thinks their own opinions are. That, and she’s spread across the media enough, might as well let it benefit her family. Few complain when celebs accept countless freebies and do paid interviews/photo shoots that include their children. More power to you, Nadya.

  • Amelia

    There is no comparing this freak to the Duggars. This woman is clearly doing it for the money, has mental health issues and should not be dragging her kids through the public eye. And as annoying as it is to me there are some people out there who are truly enraged by her/this using the system for her benefit. Especially in this brutal econonomic climate people are angry seeing someone who has no job get freebies like this! Some nut could harm her kids for crying out loud. Doubt she is considering that. Anyway I will not watch this, there is enough flotsam on tv today as it is. The dumbing down of America. I wish sites would boycott coverage of her this will only guarantee her creepy mask/cosmetic surgery face will be around for a long time. Ugh

  • anne

    If viewership increased sharply for the “…Plus Eight” show once the “controversies” began, well, what does that say — about the producers, the public, and the odds for the success of Nadya’s show? Seriously … Schadenfreude is jet fuel for the “reality” show ride to the bank. I shall try to resist the undertow and ignore the Suleman circus as I have the Gosselins and all the rest. 😛

  • Michelle

    I will not be watching. If less of us would watch garbage like this, then perhaps they’d stop making these kinds of shows! Unfortunately, people are probably going to make this a hit show 😛 I wonder what’ll be next…..

  • Anonymous

    The Duggars are just as repellent as the Gosselins and the Octomom, if not more so. Every time you watch any of these shows you just encourage these families and the stations that enable them – please don’t.

  • Anonymous

    I will NOT be watching. I will not add fuel this fire. This woman has serious psychological problems.

  • Anonymous

    and Lucia, I totally and completely agree with you.

  • Peta

    No, I will not be watching. I never liked the idea of those shows from the beginning, and I’d be giving Nayda exactly what she wants – attention. I believe in my gut that this was her goal throughout her pregnancy and I will not help her attain it.

  • Dianna

    Yep, I’ll be watching! Why the heck not? The Gosselins don’t work and support their brood by the same means why can’t she? There is no difference. I just hope the money and freebies won’t go to her head and make her greedy as it has Kate.

  • Amberella

    grrrrreat! now she has more money for more plastic surgeries. life is so sweet….at least for her.

  • Anonymous

    Dianna, Kate Gosselin also didn’t have 8 kids after having 6 under 6 years old, and Kate Gosselin wasn’t on welfare while getting in-vitro. Jon & Kate had twin 4 year olds, and then waited 3 years to have more. I don’t really think there’s anywhere you can compare the two.

    • Dianna

      Unfortunately your facts are wrong. Do some research on the Internet and you’ll see Nadya Suleman and Jon and Kate Gosselin are more a like than you think. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

  • Anonymous

    Kate has never been on welfare and she did not have six children before having her sextuplets. What part of that needs to be researched?

    Well obviously we won’t agree, apparently you think Nadya’s a good person. But that’s ok, it’s your tax dollars going to her, not mine :)

  • Dianna

    I’m not going to turn this into a debate debates bore me. Never did I say Octo-mom was a good person (how do I know if she’s a good person?).. I’m honestly looking forward to her train wreck of a life being on TV. As for Kate (whom you seem to know fairly well.. Kate! Is that you??!) do a little looking around on the net and you’ll be surprised what you find out.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want a debate either really. I just don’t see how you can support this woman. All the research on the net won’t prove that kate has 12 kids, nor will it prove that kate was/is on welfare. I don’t understand why you’re arguing two extremely obvious points. I don’t even care for Kate too much and I don’t know how much parenting she does anymore, but I know she doesn’t have psychological problems that make her want to continue to have children after not being able to afford their first ones.

  • Lioness

    Why support any of them- who cares about all these people, seriously?? If I never heard a word about Jon/Kate/Nadya/Duggar/whoever again, I wouldn’t lose a single wink of sleep, or devote even one thought to any of them. My goodness, how utterly boring and mundane it all is. These people haven’t done anything for this society except make it more crowded- I can’t imagine sitting down to watch anyone, let alone these people, live their lives every day. Good luck to all of them.

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