Happy 2nd Birthday River Deary!

Happy 2nd Birthday River Deary!

Name: River Russell Deary

Birthdate: June 9/2007

Parents: Keri Russell & Shane Deary

Siblings: None

- River was delivered at a hospital in New York in a midwife attended birth.
- When River was 5 months old, Keri revealed in an interview that she didn’t have a problem with nannies or babysitters but, “…in these early months there’s a control aspect to a baby—you want to do everything.”

Quote From Parent:
“He doesn’t talk a lot. A lot of caveman language and pointing. But he’s so sweet and funny and I just — my favorite is his dancing. I love the way he dances…When they throw the moves out, I love it.” – Keri Russell

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  1. Anonymous

    Happy birthday River!

  2. Amelia

    i love this lil guy and the whole family! So normal and cute. I wish we’d see more of them than Tori and company. :)

  3. heart

    happy birthday river hes’s soooo cute


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