Thomas Beatie Welcomes A Son!

Thomas Beatie Welcomes A Son!

Thomas Beatie, who the media has labeled as the “pregnant man,” gave birth to his second child, a healthy baby boy early this morning (June 9), 20/20 reports.

Sources state that it was a “natural childbirth” and that the boy is not yet named. Beatie’s wife, Nancy, 46, will reportedly breastfeed their son, as she did with their daughter, Susan Juliette, who was born last June.

Photos of a bearded Beatie with a pregnant belly caused quite a stir last year, leading to headlines about the world’s first “pregnant man.”

Thomas, 35, was born a woman and had his breasts surgically removed. He legally changed his gender from female to male. Beatie said that he retained his female sex organs because he intended one day to get pregnant.

Congratulations to Thomas and Nancy!

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  • Lioness

    Awww, good for them, congrats!!

  • Lindsay

    I’m confused. How is it that the wife is going to nurse the baby if the husband is the one that actually gave birth?

    • Anonymous

      She is taking hormones to make her body produce milk…

  • Moore

    Lindsey, I can’t remember specifics now but it is possible to breastfeed having not given birth.

  • Darya

    Congrats to the family on their new son!

  • ivy

    lindsay, a woman can take synthetic hormones that mimic the hormones she would naturally produce after childbirth, and these can stimulate the breasts to produce milk.

  • EM

    i am sorry if i offend but SHE is sick. truly.. they are 2 women… PERIOD.

  • cat

    They can do what ever they want it is their family, but she is not a man, she is a women. You can not have a vagina and a uterus and be defined a man. You can cut your hair, grow a mustache and remove you breast, But if you have female organs you are indeed a female. Families come in all shapes and sizes and I am happy that they are a happy family but speak the truth….you are a women who gave birth not a man. Just my opinion.

  • Daniella

    Congrats on the healthy baby, but I am a scientist at heart & in the realm of science, he is still a female in regards to reproduction. Now, when a male who was born with a penis, male reproductive system, and XY chromosomes gives birth naturally to a child, then I will be extremely interested & blown away. And until that happens (if it ever does), there is no such thing as a “pregnant man”. In the eyes of science, this person was born with XX chromosomes & therefore is simply another female who gave birth to a child.

  • Ceemee

    I agree with Daniella, to be more correct the title should state “Bearded lady gives birth to a baby”. If she wants to be free to have a child as a transgendered female, I am not bothered by that. I am however annoyed that she wants to seek fame by being the first man to give birth and incorporates two lives in her quest

  • Dea

    I agree with the last 2 comments. What they do with their life and children is their business but I completely disagree that Thomas is labeled a pregnant man. Yes, he can change his gender/physical appearance/name etc but he/she still has a female reproductive organ, thus he/she is still a female.

  • Amberella

    i hope they home school their kids, otherwise other kids in school will bully the s#$% out of them.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to them 😉

  • Monkey

    Who cares if these kids are raised by two women? This is 2009 – Lesbians are having kids all the time. Get used to it. Jodie Foster has kids, Melissa Etheridge has kids…etc… As long as kids are loved and cared for – who are we to judge?

  • Anonymous

    um, Monkey no one is judging.. we’re just sick of people who fame wh*re themselves out and their kids.. it will affect the kids one day and they have considered it i am sure.. but will not see the full ramifications sadly until the kids are older. There are some sick people out there and honestly.. drawing attention to their unorthodox life/etc could draw the focus and negative attention of those people. And these people ARE NOT CELEBRITIES.. this is celebrity baby scoop right? They got lots of media attention and stuff but i guess that’s what qualifies as ‘celebs’ these days. Oy vey.

    • Anonymous

      ok u need to stop taking about celerities cuz that all u care about .
      noBOdy care about celerities and there baby.
      baby are baby are people care be in tv if other people want them to be.
      i think u going to b the 1 to hurt those kid when they grow up.
      so if u have a baby dont u want people to c them.
      rite ur not a celerites … wat a dumb azz u r.

  • Lioness

    The media attention that they have received has made them quite well-known, Anonymous… though I do agree, they’ve done nothing but pro-create. Though these days, it seems that’s enough (Jon/Kate, Duggars, Nadya aka Octomom, Tori/Candy Spelling, etc. okay, Tori Spelling is an actress, but still an unbelievable attention whore, along with her mother). Still, they actually don’t seem to me like they’re seeking attention, so it doesn’t bother me to see them.

    And to the people who feel it is absolutely necessary to point out this Tom was born a woman (as if he and everyone else doesn’t already know that), what does it matter to you that he identifies himself as a man? If it makes him happy, why on Earth do you all care? How would you like it if you asked people to call you by a different name because it makes you happy, and they were always pointing that the name you picked wasn’t the name you were born with? I mean, how does it serve them to keep pointing it out? How does it serve YOU? If Tom says he’s a man, he’s a man. Everyone should get over themselves already, live your lives the way you want!! Tom and his wife are!

  • Z.

    It seems like most people responding on this forum do not actually know about Thomas Beatie. To clear things up, he and his wife are not media wh*res or any other defamatory slur people have been using. They actually came forward initially with their story because they wanted to try to educate people about being transgender. Several transgender organizations did not actually support their decision to go to the media because they were afraid that Americans were not ready to educate themselves about folks who are transgender. Aside from this, I find it hard to believe that these people are only seeking fame given how much hatred they’ve experienced as a result of coming forward.

    About calling yourself a man: there are folks who believe that one can only be called a man or a woman if they have certain sex organs. Others believe that gender represents how you dress, how you act, how you feel, etc. And still others may believe in a combination of the two. I think many people would be hard pressed to believe that organs are the only thing that constitute someone’s gender–after all, many people talk about “girly girls” not in reference to how incredibly female their boobs or vaginas are, but to refer to their mannerisms, interests, styles etc. So I’m pretty sure you all think that it is not JUST organs that make someone a man or a woman.

    At any rate, I agree with Lioness– there is no reason to get in a huff about someone’s definition of gender. Even if you disagree with it, it doesn’t affect you in the slightest, so why not focus your energies on gazing upon all those ridiculously attractive celebrity babies that we all frequent this site for!

  • Anonymous

    any word on the little bundles name?

    I think they are referring to him as the pregnant MAN because he legally changed his gender to MALE. So yes, he has a right to be called a man, despite having female organs. You don’t call someone who isn’t married a Mrs., why call someone who’s changed to a Mr. a Ma’am?

  • with luv!!

    honestly i luv this couple and want to knw way more about them because just hearing there story is a inspiration to every1 that heard this story i luv yall n congradz lol

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