James Wilke Has A New ‘Do

James Wilke Has A New 'Do

No more long locks for this little boy! Six-year-old James Wilke showed off a new haircut while out for a walk in New York with his parents Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick today. So adorable!

The family-of-three will soon be expanding as Sarah Jessica and Matthew are expecting twin daughters via a surrogate later this summer.

What do you think of James’ new look?

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Photo credit: Freddie Baez/startraksphoto.com


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  1. tyratia

    SOOOO much better.

  2. Sol

    cute! cute!

  3. Vajjjj

    i liked the long hair.

  4. Dana

    MUCH better!

  5. melanie1983

    i did too vajjjj! i’m sure everyone will just LOVE this, and then find something else about him to pick apart.

  6. bink

    Now you can see his face! It makes him look a little older. Cute

  7. Rinoa

    I liked his long hair too but this also looks cute! At least people will have less to criticize now. ;)

  8. nosoupforyou

    It’s about time! Wonderful.

  9. Anonymous

    I loved his long hair, but he looks just as cute with short hair.
    Love the family

  10. Sam

    Cute haircut James :)

  11. anne

    Wonder where he had it cut? ‘Cause the next time I’m in New York, “I want to go to there!” :-)

  12. Tiffany

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe they cut it since he’s going to have two little sisters. It would be nice to distinguish him from the girls:)

  13. Peta

    *pop champagne* As soon as I saw the photo, I knew a lot of people would be thrilled. XD

  14. janie

    He looks so much better with his hair cut!

    Matthew looks terrible! Those long sideburns look ridiculous!

    • anne

      Broderick is currently appearing on Broadway in “The Philanthropist,” so at least the ‘burns aren’t his own personal fashion statement. Mark your calendar … the play finishes its run at the end of the month. :P

  15. Peta

    *pop champagne* As soon as I saw the photo, I knew a lot of people would be thrilled. XD

  16. Anonymous

    SO glad they finally did it .. he looks like a big boy now! :D

  17. Anonymous

    I’m glad they cut it! Now it’d be cool if Ryder Robinson had his hair cut as well.

  18. Maybe

    What’s up with those huge bags under his eyes? I could never see them before with that long hair….

  19. Anonymous

    Not to be critical of these two but why do celebrities think just because they are famous that its acceptable to wear rags. If I saw these people in my neighbourhood out and about and didn’t know who they were I’d say they were crazy people.

  20. melanie1983

    anon, i jut saw a recent picture or ryder robinson and it looks like he did get a little trim. there is nothing wrong with boys having long hair. and noone every says anything about girls with short hair…

  21. Lioness

    I didn’t mind the long hair, but I like this new haircut, it’s cute. And Maybe, those bags have always been there, James has always looked like a cute little worried old man to me, lol… yeah, the hair looks good.


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