Kelly & Mark’s Little Graduate

Kelly & Mark's Little Graduate

What a good looking bunch! Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were seen attending their 12-year-old son Michael’s 6th grade graduation on Wednesday. Michael is the spitting image of his handsome papa! Kelly and Mark’s other adorable children, Lola, who turns 8 next Tuesday (June 16) and Joaquin, 6, were also in attendance.

Earlier that same morning, Kelly and Mark made an appearance on Good Morning America to promote their new show. The former All My Children co-stars have teamed up with The Learning Channel to co-produce an un-scripted reality TV show which premieres this Friday (June 12).

When asked if Mark is considering an appearance on Dancing With the Stars, Mark says he would “rather jump through a plate glass window on fire than dance in front of America.”

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  • melanie1983

    oohhh my goodness, you put two attractive people together and look what happens! what a gorgeous family!! i cannot believe how much joaquin looks like kelly and same for michael and mark! yikes, they’re beautiful!

  • Em

    WOW Mark and Michael look sooooooo much alike, it’s almost S-C-A-R-Y!!

  • Lioness

    Michael is his dad’s miniature, my goodness they look alike!! I mean they REALLY look alike, lol. Lola is beautiful, and Joaquin makes my heart melt, he’s so cute. “Good-looking bunch” is dead on the money, this family is beautiful!

  • Sanja

    I love Live with Regis and Kelly! Kelly always tells the funniest stories about her kids:-)

    Wow, I’ve never noticed that Michale is Mark’s twin! I love how Michael has that typical ‘stop with the pictures already’ look, lol.

  • Em

    i love how michael and mark have the same hair do as well LOL!

  • Anonymous

    I’m looking forward to their reality show

  • Rach

    When was the last time Kelly Ripa wore a bra? Love the gal, but just sayin’…

  • Daze

    They are a beautiful family and the kids looks so different. The oldest boy is a duplicate of his dad and little Joaquin has Kelly’s features and lighter hair. Lola doesn’t look that much like either one of them though. She has her Dad’s dark hair and fair skin like her mothers (minus the spray on tan, Kelly is naturally fair-skinned) while Michael is dark like his Dad and Joaquin is darker than mom but not as dark as Dad. Such a mix.

  • Ann710

    Love this fam!

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