The Garner-Afflecks Are Sunday Strollers

The Garner-Afflecks Are Sunday Strollers

Ben Affleck joined three of the leading ladies in his life – mom Chris, wife Jennifer and daughter Violet – for a walk in Boston today.

Just yesterday we saw Violet, 3, skipping alongside her mom as the pair hit the coffee shop. Today she opted for a different mode of transportation: First the stroller, then a piggy-back ride!

The Garner-Affleck clan – including 5-month-old Seraphina – is calling Boston home these days while Ben works on his new film, The Company Men.

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  • Julie-Anna

    Kid’s got a pacifier in her mouth…

  • Blair

    Does she seriously have a pacifier in her mouth at 3 YEARS OLD?

    • Raspberry

      That is right. She is almost four years old and she should not need pacifer. What is matter with her parents? They should know better that.

  • Dea

    yeah she is a little old for it but does it really matter? Kingston also uses one.

  • Anonymous

    Why are there papparrzzi hanging out in Boston? They cant get away from them there either.

  • Julie-Anna

    @Dea I think celebrity baby scoop readers generally agree that Kingston is way too old for his pacifier as well.

  • melanie1983

    agreed dea, i just KNEW that would be the first thing i saw when i came to the comments…everyone parents a different way

  • Nova

    She’s way too old for hanging in a stroller and having a pacifier…

  • Anonymous

    Old for a stroller at the age of 3?! Strollers are now made for up to 4 years old or more, which means at least 3 years and 365 days! Get a grip. Let parents be parents to their own kids. She’s 3 not 10! Do people think they’re perfect parents and all others are dumb? Oh gosh, it irritates me. Besides the BOB revolution weight limit is of 70 lbs/32 kg, that’s what’s important to have in mind.

    When I have a kid I’ll let him/her ride in a stroller if he/she wants as long as the stroller and myself can handle it. It’s a kid, why always trying to hurry up time? She knows how to walk and talk, she’s normal, and her parents are doing what they think it’s the best for her, and it’s none of our business.

    And the kid looks happy!

  • Jeannie

    Maybe Violet is regressing a bit- she has a new sister, is going to a new school and is adjusting to a temporary home in Boston. That’s a lot for a 3 year old. She is a happy kid with attentive, loving parents and grandparents. She’ll outgrow this phase soon enough.

  • Maybe

    She looks ridiculous with that thing in her mouth.

  • Darya

    I’m sure they’re thrilled to have the paparazzi yelling and snapping photos when they’re trying to go for a nice walk with their family. There is no escape for celebrities no matter where they are. Hopefully the goons took their photos and left them in peace.


    I just want to say that most kids that have a younger sibling usually revert
    back to the pacifer.. and Vi really likes this stroller but where is Sera..she
    could fit in that stroller and have Vi walk it..

  • Anonymous

    Who knows maybe, just maybe, they just did a HUGE 5-10 k walk!!!!I don’t know many 3 yr olds that could do that!!!I also have a 3 yr old and the BOB for that reason. Because god knows I can not carry him (at 31 pounds) for very long with getting pretty sore arms!
    As for the soother……who cares!!!???Please give it a rest. EVERY time a kid has one beyond 18 months people are leaving comments of the obvious. It’s not your kid and how do you know it wasn’t her nap time????I’d rather a soother then a thumb!!!!

  • Jan

    No excuses, please. Way too old for diapers or pull ups and strollers and pacifiers. She needs to WALK, stop sucking on something all of the time, and get potty trained and act her age. She is 3 1/2. They are making her lazy by giving her all of these crutches. My daugher was weaned off pacifier at age 2. She talked sooooo much more than the other kids that had that thing in their mouth. Over-indulgence is never a good thing, we all know this. It creates spoiled LAZY children.

  • Anonymous

    What a lovely family. The Affleck children are very fortunate to have Jen and Ben for parents. They are such a wholesome family and the kids seem to be very happy in spite of the madness they have to put up with. All things considered, a pacifier and stroller ride is nothing compared to the media circus that is stealing their normal childhood from them. Neither them or their parents invited this. (No pictures EVER sold to tabloids) Keep up the good work Jen and Ben. You will win in the end.

  • java_mommie

    lol. i must admit i was shocked to see that pacifier in her mouth. i had never seen a picture of her with it before. lol – i also knew it would be the first comment i’d see.

  • melanie1983

    Jan “no excuses”?? just wondering but who are you to say no excuses? the queen of “what toddlers should and should not do”. puhhhlease, give me a freakin break people!

  • Anonymous

    Ok, you’re all strange! That’s a 3 YEAR-OLD LITTLE GIRL!

  • Anonymous

    do some of you really have 3 year olds who can walk as fast as you? either you are really slow or your kids are track stars already. my 3 year old needs a stroller because she cannot keep up with me, especially for several miles.

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