Happy 1st Birthday Sunday Urban!

Happy 1st Birthday Sunday Urban!

Name: Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

Parents: Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

Siblings: Half siblings Isabella Jane (1992) and Connor Anthony Cruise (1995)

– Born in Nashville, Tennessee weighing 6lbs., 7 oz.
– Kidman took a two month maternity leave after daughter Sunday’s birth, then returned to work to begin filming Nine.

Quote From Parent:
“It’s almost like my heart is stretching; I’m feeling all these muscles stretch with emotion. It’s a beautiful love but there’s a lot of fear and pain for her life, and for Bella’s and Connor’s life.” Nicole Kidman on motherhood since Sunday’s birth.

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  • Anonymous

    levi mcconaughey is also 1 today

  • Keithurbanfan2007

    Happy 1st Birthday Sunday Rose!!!!
    you are so loved by your mommy and daddy and all of us.Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Hugs and kisses

  • Jolie-Pitts kids are the cutest

    Have a good one Sunday Rose (I love the name Sunday Rose). I wanna see Vivi and Knoxie next!!!!
    Hope Mummy and Daddy got you something nice Sunday and your bro and sis Bella and Connor did to

  • Anonymous

    I know that Sunday Rose is not a face we see in pictures everyday unlike children of the celebs you have on your site everyday but surely, you could have found a picture of her being carried by her mother or father where her face is visible instead of one where she is being carried by the help especially since it is her birthday you are trying to call attention to.

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t agree more. It is the celebration of their lovely little family that should be the spot light as Sunday Rose’s birthday is a celebration for all three of them. Happy Birthday Sunday Rose :-) You are MUCH loved!

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