Alessandra & Anja Park It

Alessandra & Anja Park It

Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted with her daughter Anja, who turns 1 next month, having fun at a park in Santa Monica on Monday (July 6). Anja’s dad is Alessandra’s fiancé, California businessman Jamie Mazur.

The 28-year-old Brazilian beauty is best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret. When she first came to New York, fellow Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen lent her apartment for two weeks and Adriana Lima helped her translate English.

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  • Jolie-Pitts kids are the cutest

    I like Kevin because he treats Preston and Jayden equally unlike britney.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong post.

  • Nova

    Anja is way too big for having a bottle in the middle of the day. She should be already using a sipping cup by now, and that filled with water instead of milk.

  • Anonymous

    Nova are you serious? The baby is not even 1 yet! If she were 18 months I could see a problem…but 11 months????

  • May

    Nova—do you even know what you are talking about? The baby is only 11 months old…same age as my son. Our pediatrician said it’s normal and okay for babies to STILL be on a bottle but to START TAPERING from 12 to 18 months. Almost all parenting books and online information says the same thing. Don’t judge others until you are in their shoes and know the temperment and eating habits of their baby. Most babies are still even nursing up to a year. Just because you give a baby sippy cups do not mean they just automatically take it…you have to gradually introduce it. Please CONSULT A PEDIATRICIAN before you open your mouth and judge other moms. Alessandra and other moms do what is best for their babies to the best of their situation.

  • Nova

    I am succesfully raising my 14 months old twins, and that WITHOUT the bottle in the middle of the day. And I have been doing that since they were 1 year old. The only bottles with milk they get is in the morning and eve. And I assure you that is in collaboration with their pediatrician (so no need there to get cocky).
    Should you still want to give milk during the day I am sure the kid will use just as good a bottle with a sipping exit instead one with a dummy alike. No need to get the kid dependent of that way of drinking. (remember I am talking only about the middle day bottle).
    In rest sunny days to all of you

    Nova with Luna and Kieran

  • Anonymous

    So you have been giving your twins a cup since they were 12 months….Anja is 11 months…whats the problem? This just annoys me…people think they are such experts! Every baby is different:)

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