Dylan McDermott: Fatherhood Is “The Best Time Of My Life”

Dylan McDermott: Fatherhood Is "The Best Time Of My Life"

The Practice’s Dylan McDermott is making a return to television, playing Carter, an undercover cop with a chip on his shoulder, in the new show Dark Blue. The dad-of-two tells USA Today he lives a far happier life than his on-screen persona, thanks in large part to his daughters Colette, 12, and Charlotte, 3.

“The most fun I have is being with my kids,” says Dylan, who split from the girls’ mom Shiva Rose in 2007. “I have to let Carter go on the weekends. I don’t want to bring him around them. When I get to be with my girls, that’s the best time of my life. That’s my fun, going to the movies or the park.”

So is he hoping his daughters will follow in his famous footsteps and go into acting? Well… not quite. “Oh, God, I hope not. Please,” the 47-year-old actor says.

From the award-winning The Practice to 2007’s short-lived Big Shots, Dylan’s TV career has run the gamut. As for his new show, the seasoned star says, “You never know. It’s like throwing a big party and wondering if anyone will come.”

Dark Blue airs on TNT (Wednesday, 10 p.m. ET/PT).

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