Heidi Klum: Bump In Black

Heidi Klum: Bump In Black

Expectant mom Heidi Klum made a fashionable exit from LAX today after arriving on the West coast with her daughter Leni, 5.

The 36-year-old supermodel recently dished on the upcoming season of her hit show Project Runway, saying, “The girls are very strong on season six. There’s a lot of crying, there’s fighting going on, there’s a lot of drama going on – but especially with the girls.”

She also revealed that her fellow famous mom Christina Aguilera will be making an appearance!

Heidi and her husband Seal, also parents to sons Henry, 3 1/2, and Johan, 2 1/2, are expecting a baby girl this fall.

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Photo credit: TS/Splash News


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  1. Anonymous

    I do see Henry’s face/eye..he was w/them as well.

  2. Anonymous

    wow, spoiled helene is walking.

  3. Émilie

    Good God, her name is not Helene. It’s only Leni.

  4. Anonymous

    her full name is helene, after heidis grandmother.

  5. Émilie

    No no, Heidi’s grandmother is called LENI. Heidi said it many times, in interviews. It’s only LENI.

    Some people, like you, may think it’s a diminutive for Helene, but it’s not. Leni is a very popular name in Germany, apparently.


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