Nicolas Cage Wants To “Keep Kids Smiling”

Nicolas Cage Wants To "Keep Kids Smiling"

Leaving Las Vegas, Lord of War, Face/Off… Oscar-winner Nicolas Cage is not usually known for his kid-friendly films, but it sounds as though fatherhood may be having an influence on his pick of projects.

Nicolas, whose son Kal-El turns 4 in October, tells Parade magazine that he jumps at the chance to sign onto family flicks these days.

“I feel there’s nothing more sacred than the magical world of children. I just want to keep kids smiling,” he says. “It’s getting harder and harder to do that with what’s going on in the world – you know, people are losing their jobs, families are tense. So any chance I get to make a movie that the whole family can look forward to and share with their children, I’m going to take it.”

Nic’s latest project is sure to please a younger audience: He lends his voice to Speckles the mole in the new animated 3-D movie G-Force. He reveals that his son is already a fan of the flick.

“I don’t play most of [my movies] at home. If they show up on TV, I turn the TV off. I’m trying to give my young son, who’s three-and-a-half, as normal a life as I can, if it’s possible. I did take him to see G-Force and he enjoyed the whole movie and my niece enjoyed it, but they didn’t know the mole was my voice in the movie, which is fine by me.”

Nicolas is seen here earlier this year with his wife Alice Kim and their son Kal-El.

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  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know Nicolas had a adopted son, he’s cute.

  • natz

    He is not adopted, it’s his biological child. Mum’s genes are just strong

  • Lola

    Yea that’s his son and that’s his wife… I think they’re both beautiful

  • Anonymous

    Yep he met his wife Alice Kim when she was a hostess at a restaurant. Talk about lifestyle change!

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t look like Nicolas he looks exactly like his mom. Are you sure he’s not adopted?

  • Anonymous

    Kal-El is Cage’s son.

  • antonia

    Uh yeah that’s his biological son! Google his wife up, he’s a carbon copy of her!

  • cat vomit

    just cuz he is asain everyone thinks hes adopted

  • jamie

    It’s known to be that they have STRONG genes! i mean are you going to say kate gosselin’s kids are adopted then?

  • Sage

    Kal-El? what a “super” interesting name..

  • natz

    I was about to say the same thing about the Gosselin kids Jaime. Asian genes are just strong.

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