Lily Allen Wants To Be A Suburban Mom

Lily Allen Wants To Be A Suburban Mom

Lily Allen has a reputation for being a bit of a wild child, but the 24-year-old singer insists she can’t wait to settle down and be a “suburban mom.”

“People think I’m this super confident person who’s all for female empowerment but it’s not true,” Lily says. “I have every intention of becoming a suburban mum. I want to get married and have children. Being followed by the paparazzi is not a life I want.”

In 2008 the Smile singer suffered a miscarriage, which she opened up about last year: “I guess… it wasn’t to be. That’s all I can say… Maybe if I’d stayed pregnant and had the baby then things would have worked out between me and Ed [her ex-boyfriend Ed Simons of The Chemical Brothers]. I don’t know. You could drive yourself insane thinking about it.”

Lily is seen here performing at last weekend’s V Festival at Weston Park in Staffordshire.

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Photo credit: Deborah Law / Splash News


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  1. Anonymous

    She should focus on her sobriety first before thinking of having a child.

  2. Anonymous

    Her drinking habits are exaggerated by the tabloids.

  3. Anonymous

    These are not really Lily Allen”s words or feelings. After it’s been proven that she has a restraining order against the paparazzi & lawsuits against the tabloids, & after she has written that she won’t speak to any tabloid magazines, an attempt at best at fighting off her stalkers, & several comments on video tape that expresses her opinion regarding these actions, (t4 interview+ the View + Graham Norton show) It’s easier to believe it now when she says it’s 98 percent rubbish


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