Rumor: Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart Expecting

Rumor: Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart Expecting

Rumor has it there could be a baby on the way for longtime couple Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart.

Life & Style magazine is reporting that Grey’s Anatomy‘s McSteamy and his wife are expecting, saying that Rebecca is three or four months along.

“Having a baby has been a top priority of the past six months,” the magazine quotes a source close to the pair as saying. “She turned down the role of Penn Badgley’s mother on Gossip Girl because it was based in NYC and she didn’t want to be away from Eric or travel that far. It was bad for her health. She also turned down a Hallmark movie and a Lifetime movie because she was trying to have a baby.”

Earlier this year Eric, 36, told Ellen DeGeneres that he and Rebecca, 38, were “working on” starting a family.

The couple, who wed in 2004, recently made headlines for another reason when a nude video of themselves and former Miss Teen USA Kari Ann Peniche made its way online.

Rebecca is seen in the pic below out and about in LA last week… what do you think?

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • melanie1983

    oh please please have a child. and let it be a boy. and let that boy mate with nahla aubry. lol just kidding. but seriously this would be a beautiful baby!

  • Anonymous

    oh great! Wasn’t she smoking pot in the video? Or drunk?
    I hope that video was filmed many months ago and seriously, if they are still smoking pot and having threesomes on camera, they are better off childless.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure the video was shot a few years ago (it was just made public now).

  • em

    very much agreed anonymous! that was such a lame move on there part!!

  • milla

    omg its their personal lives. go mcsteamy!

  • Rinoa

    She so looks pregnant! Her boobs seem to be bigger which is often a sign. Congrats to them if it’s true!

  • Leah

    Uh mila whether it’s their personal lives or not, the video got to the public eye. If it didn’t.. then that would be a whole nother story. people will speculate no matter what the circumstances are!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. It was actually a crack pipe she was holding in one picture (published before this ‘tape’ scandal a year or so ago… SO let’s hope that um, phase is over. But she also ran over a boy when she passed a car against traffic rules (while on her cell… it has been proven) and mowed over the kid. I wonder how the mother of that child feels knowing the person who did that is expecting. It has to be living hell for that kid’s family.

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