Adam Sandler Spends The Day With His Daughters

Adam Sandler Spends The Day With His Daughters

Funny dad Adam Sandler took his daughters Sadie, 3, and Sunny, 9 1/2 months, out for a chocolate treat today in Malibu. The threesome stopped by their local Starbucks, where the girls shared a brownie.

Sadie looks like quite the little lady, wearing a yellow summer dress and carrying not one but two purses. Adorable!

Adam recently returned from Spain, where he was busy promoting his new flick, Funny People.

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Photo credit: JSGS/GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to be cruel. Lets just leave it at that.

  • Janie

    No comment!

  • Tazina

    What adorable children! Dad should have cleaned them up a bit before leaving Starbucks as they have chocolate all over their mouths. BTW airheads, your “unspoken” comments say what you really think so why bother saying anything at all?

  • keepher-kat

    They are so cute with chocolate all over their mouths, Sadie is a little lady, look how she carries her bags, too cute.
    I don’t understand why people say bad things about them, they are cute in my opinion, and later they will be two beautiful women.
    Wait and see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymoust

    Wow! What a rude comment to make about children. In the end they seem to have a wonderful, devoted father who loves them very much.

  • melanie1983

    adam seems like a sweet dad to have!

  • Natalie

    Hehe, typicaly daddy…leaving the store before cleaning their faces!

  • Ateya

    All I want to say is he has strong genes…both the girls look just like him..adorable

  • Anonymous

    Adorable little girls!!!!!! so what if they have chocolate on their faces, i think it is soooo cute.

  • cat vomit

    sadies actually gotten cuter i think.

  • Audrey

    Sadie’s hair is pretty, the kind I always wanted.

  • Natasha

    They are kids, they are not deformed, they are not beauty models, they just normal kids. Find a different hobby, something more appropriate than judging little children…Look at yours first….

  • ____

    They will def grow out of their looks. I see Sadie is!!! Don’t you all remember Kori Federline as a toddler- if not google it!

  • caroline

    if you look closely – they are not cute – they’re beautiful. i think they’re just not the typical beautiful – with blonde hair and blue eyes – but both of them will grow out of these awkward looks and look gorgeous, I’m sure. how pathetic must some of you be to judge two little girls, one who’s not even a year old? they’re cute now, and they’ll still be cute ten years down the road, and their Daddy looks smitten, which is the most important thing. lovely, normal family…

  • JRB

    Awee Adam is such a wonderfull dad!

  • Kat

    I think it’s refreshing to see some celeb babies who aren’t outrageously good looking. I think it’s nice these girls look like normal kids! They’re really cute, too…and i’m loving the chocolate mouths, lol. I think when these girls are older, they’re going to grow into their looks more, and their features will really suit them.

  • Nic

    Oh she will grow up stunning. I remember seeing photos of liv tyler as a child, unproportionate features… not so attractive.. but look how she turned out! Sadie looks like child-liv. If everything turns out right, she will be gorgeous when she turns 16.

  • Anonymous

    get a grip……. no one is JUDGING these children, people are just making comments, that’s what these things are called…. COMMENT SECTIONS.

    i know that a lot of people are kind of amazed at how these kids look, they are not your typical beautiful little hollywood babies. they actually both look like little boys which leads me to my next point——–>it’s AMAZING what a dress and some cute little girl shoes can do for a little girl instead of some baggy sweatpants, unruly hair, and football tshirts that i have seen them take her out in public in. if adam sandler was a single dad, i could understand it, lots of men have absolutely no fashion sense and let kids walk around dirty and covered in brownie (which is really cute in these pictures,by the way, it shows how totally NORMAL adam is but also a little naive…it’s like he doesn’t realize the power of these photos and public opinion and stuff. one day these girls will google themselves….) but i digess, he has a WIFE, and i assume they have nannies, who should be dressing these girls LIKE girls and people would be alot easier on them i think. i guess it’s nice to know that they don’t give a flying rats a** WHAT people think,b ut i do….. i dress my kids as cute as i can ESPECIALLY if we are going out in public. it’s just what you do, and i put my daughters hair in ponytails and pigtails and everything else.

    i can’t wait to see what they’ll look like when they get older!

  • jenie=)

    hey BIG DADDY! im a fan of sandler’s and it’s nice to see him in the real world as well 😉

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