Michelle Branch: My Daughter Is “Sassy”

Michelle Branch: My Daughter Is "Sassy"

Michelle Branch and her bass player hubby Teddy Landau – who are 19 years apart – just celebrated their fifth anniversary in May. The 26-year-old Grammy-winning singer recently told OK! about their “sassy” 4-year-old daughter Owen:

She’s pretty sassy. She says a lot of things that are inappropriate at the time. She tried to give her teacher at her school, who is a nun who is interning, the birds and the bees talk, and I got called by her teacher. That was quite embarrassing for us. But every other day, there’s something new. It’s amazing.”

The family just enjoyed a little getaway in Palm Springs, CA. “We like to have some time by the pool, and relax,” the mother-of-one says. “I’m a last-minute packer, so I hate packing. Whatever’s clean works.”

The Are You Happy Now? singer says that she and Teddy are very happy indeed:

“It actually annoys everyone who knows us, but we spend so much time together. We’re best friends before we’re spouses, and we do everything together. We love hanging out together, and I think it’s really rare. I think it’s communication.”

Michelle’s new album Everything Comes and Goes is set to hit stores this fall.

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  1. Glad to see that Michelle Branch is still around. Loved her early collaborations with Carlos Santana.

  2. lily

    Owen is actually 4. :) She was born on August 3, 2005.

  3. Jenny

    Thanks lily! ;)

  4. carolyn

    Nice to hear about Michelle! Her daughter sounds like a character. :D


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