Jennifer Garner & Violet’s Saturday Stroll

Jennifer Garner & Violet's Saturday Stroll

Jennifer Garner and her 3 1/2-year-old daughter Violet Affleck were photographed strolling in Boston, MA with friends on Saturday (September 5). Little sister, 8-month-old Seraphina, napped this one out.

The Garflecks are in town as Ben Affleck, starts filming his new movie, The Town. Papa Ben is not only starring in the film, he also helped write the screenplay and is directing it!

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Photo credit: Fame

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t Violet a tad too big to be in that stroller? PLUS, she’s 4 years old; still on a pacifier. I think Mama Jennifer doesn’t want her little one to grow up. :(

    • Anonymous

      That might be more viable if JG didn’t have an infant at home, though.. she has her hands full and I could see her being ok with Violet making a transition to big-girl hood. Often the older sibling reverts to infantile behavior when a new younger sibling comes along.. it’s kind of their way of getting attention and reassuring themselves. Probably what’s happening here- I don’t recall many photos of Violet in pacifiers and JG certainly doesn’t seem like kind of parent who would be so OTT to never let her child walk/much less feet touch the ground. This looks like some mama is giving Violet some one on one time :)

  • milla

    ya whoever said that she favours violet over seraphina is kinda right in my opinion, i wouldnt say it unless i really thought it…:S.

  • Olivia

    for the stroller thing.. when i was 4 my parents sometimes used the stroller. it is just easier. Besides she is not even 4 yet. As for the pacifier i would say the might be waiting until she is 4 to give it up. I do not condone it though

  • Anonymous

    Yes, yes, I do remember that horrible event after which we all sadly shook our heads and wondered how it would have been had the offender’s mother only taken away the child’s wheels and sucky a year or two earlier than she did. Sad times. :*(

  • Dea

    Honestly I dont see the big deal about the stroller..seriously people, who knows violet is just tired and needs a lift?

  • Anonymous

    She’s ONLY 3!!!I don’t see a soother. Besides the Sheen kids ALWAYS have their thumbs in thier mouths! It’s really not our problem!

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