Camila Alves Bares Her Bump

Camila Alves Bares Her Bump

This family really loves the beach! The Alves-McConaughey crew spent Labor Day in the surf and sand as Matthew was met by his pregnant girlfriend Camila and their adorable boy Levi, 14 months, after an ocean-side jog.

Camila, who is expecting the couple’s second child later this year, showed off her growing baby bump in a long summer skirt and bikini top.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. EM

    he is SO cute.. she is ehh.. okay looking at best.. maybe it’s the lighting..

  2. SR

    they must live off the beach haha!! levi is toooooooo cute, love seeing pics of this kid! is it just me or does matthew always look pissed?

  3. What the....

    If I had a hairy stomach like that, I wouldn’t dare take my shirt off.

  4. bigfish

    My wife was never more beautiful, than when pregnant. I all ways made sure that she knew how I felt too.

  5. Sage

    Levi looks extremely tired in the first pic.

  6. testguy

    You said it, Dea. She looks beautiful. And she’s giving that baby plenty of vitamin D!

  7. Dea

    @What the..: it’s called Linea negra! I have olive skin and had that with both of my sons. Pregnancy definitely suits her, she is gorgeous!

  8. Anonymous123

    NO! Camilla DOES NOT have a hairy stomach. What you see on her stomach is pigmentation AND a dark line called linea nigra. Both pigmentation and dark line are COMMON in pregnancy, especially in darker skinned women. If you don’t believe me, crack open a pregnancy book or search a pregnancy website.
    That was cruel of you, What the…

  9. Anonymous123

    And does anyone else see how Camila is flipping off the paps?


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