Camila Alves Bares Her Bump

Camila Alves Bares Her Bump

This family really loves the beach! The Alves-McConaughey crew spent Labor Day in the surf and sand as Matthew was met by his pregnant girlfriend Camila and their adorable boy Levi, 14 months, after an ocean-side jog.

Camila, who is expecting the couple’s second child later this year, showed off her growing baby bump in a long summer skirt and bikini top.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • bigfish

    My wife was never more beautiful, than when pregnant. I all ways made sure that she knew how I felt too.

  • What the….

    If I had a hairy stomach like that, I wouldn’t dare take my shirt off.

  • Anonymous123

    NO! Camilla DOES NOT have a hairy stomach. What you see on her stomach is pigmentation AND a dark line called linea nigra. Both pigmentation and dark line are COMMON in pregnancy, especially in darker skinned women. If you don’t believe me, crack open a pregnancy book or search a pregnancy website.
    That was cruel of you, What the…

  • Anonymous123

    And does anyone else see how Camila is flipping off the paps?

    • AmyElnora

      Nope, we don’t see it because it’s her INDEX finger, not her middle finger.

  • Sage

    Levi looks extremely tired in the first pic.

  • EM

    he is SO cute.. she is ehh.. okay looking at best.. maybe it’s the lighting..

  • SR

    they must live off the beach haha!! levi is toooooooo cute, love seeing pics of this kid! is it just me or does matthew always look pissed?

  • Dea

    @What the..: it’s called Linea negra! I have olive skin and had that with both of my sons. Pregnancy definitely suits her, she is gorgeous!

  • testguy

    You said it, Dea. She looks beautiful. And she’s giving that baby plenty of vitamin D!

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