Jennie Garth & Girls Cover Cookie

Jennie Garth & Girls Cover Cookie

We loved her as the impossibly perfect Kelly Taylor in Beverly Hills, 90210. Now we can’t get enough of Jennie Garth, the self-titled “homebody” who suffers from mommy brain just like the rest of us! The 37-year-old mother of three daughters – Luca, 12; Lola, 6; and Fiona, 3 – sat down with Cookie to discuss becoming a young mom in unforgiving Hollywood, how she struggles with disciplining her girls who span 12 years in age, and how she and hubby Peter Facinelli make it work amidst his red-hot career.

On providing a close family environment for her girls: “We’re always together, maybe to a fault! We like to be together, I think more than most child psychologists or even my mother would say is healthy. But there will come a time when they don’t want to be with me, so I’m reveling in it now.”

On her struggles to discipline three girls who span 12 years in age: “I had to give my 6-year-old four time-outs two days ago. She kept hitting. I don’t spank, though sometimes I think, These time-outs aren’t working! What’s next? [I aim for] consistency, and not making idle threats. They have to know there are consequences for violence, name-calling, and not doing household chores. They’re all in such different places, but all those places require boundaries.”

On how pregnancy was a career-killer back in her day: “There weren’t many actresses willing to have kids, because they thought it would jeopardize their career or their desirability. There was an actress on an Aaron Spelling soap opera who got sued for getting pregnant. I got pregnant right after her, while I was on an Aaron Spelling show. But I knew he’d be supportive; [Beverly Hills, 90210 was such a hit] he couldn’t be anything but.”

On how she brought Luca to the Beverly Hills, 90210 set: “I had a whole camp set up for Luca by my trailer with a fake yard, toys, a waterslide, and a baby pool. The set designers built a little picket fence around my Baby Land. I joke that I moved out of Beverly Hills into my little trailer park in the back.”

On suffering from mommy brain: “It’s almost like I have some kind of disorder—I don’t remember the good things … or the bad.”

On the therapeutic qualities of cleaning: “I really enjoy taking something, digging in, and cleaning it. It’s weird, but it gives me sanity.”

On her compassion for her fellow 90210 female co-stars: “I had my share of screwups, but they weren’t memorialized for all to see. I got off lucky. I see the girls on the show now, and I think, Enjoy it while you can, because this time is very fleeting. I had maybe three years to be free, completely oblivious, and self-indulgent. Then I had a child really young and a lot of responsibility.”

On how she juggles work on the 90210 spinoff and motherhood: “When you’re a full-time mom and you work a few days here and there, it’s hard to pace yourself. I want to know what my kids are eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I want to know how much activity they’ve had in a day. It’s difficult to keep it all in order.”

On how some celebrity moms can leave her feeling inadequate: “I think, this lady has all of this time to do amazing stuff. She has this amazing marriage. Everything in her life sounds perfect. My life is not like that.”

On how hubby, Twilight star Peter Facinelli, makes time for the family amidst his booming career: “He works like crazy, but when he’s home and present, it’s great.” [And although it’s busy], “it’s good for him, because it’s what he’s always wanted. [Early on,] all I wanted to do was work. Now all I want to do is not work. I’ve passed that stage of my life. I have to respect that we’re at different places. Hopefully it’ll balance out.”

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  • serena

    beautiful little girls.

  • Em

    Fiona is such a cutieeeee!

  • melanie1983

    aw! such cuties and they all look so different from each other!

  • Anonymous

    They’re adorable, but I don’t really like the name Fiona.

  • Jenny

    All 3 girls are gorgeous…..but little Fiona just breaks my heart! Sooo cute!

  • caroline

    i would not name my daughter fiona – but obv its her kid, so she has the right to, and fiona is the most adorable little girl i’ve ever seen, honestly. i like her haircut and her expression, and i just want to kiss her. she’s gorgeous. so are luca and lola! And jennie – and peter! Wow, this is one amazing-looking family….

  • Beverley Hills Psychologist

    Wow! she looks so good after three kids!

  • Anonymous

    they all have jens eyes and fiona looks like her luca looks like peter and lola looks like both there all so cute :)

  • Anonymous

    they all have jens eyes and fiona looks like her luca looks like peter and lola looks like both there all so cute :)

  • Anonymous

    they all have jens eyes and fiona looks like her luca looks like peter and lola looks like both there all so cute :)

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